Flickering on a HP 8760w laptop with 10bit display

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The summary of the topic:
The issue is quite old, but happens with the latest drivers.
It happens on 10 bit displays only as far as I can tell.
Playing with the dithering settings only delays the problem.
It doesn’t happen with 290.10 or older, but these drivers cannot be installed in a “modern” distro (centos 6 updated to latest).

NVIDIA internal Bug ID: 972439 to track this issue

Any chance for a fix to this issue?
I’m available to test alpha/beta drivers if there is need for it.

Bump, Any progress on this issue?

Either disable dithering or use Kepler cards which support temporal dithering and don’t have the problem.

Did you ever solve this issue? I have the same issue on an M4600. Disabling dithering actually makes the flickering worse.

How am I supposed to disable dithering?
Your second suggestion is not applicable, because the card is soldered on the motherboard inside the machine. Also this is a software issues and not a hardware issue, so the solution cannot be change the hardware. As we know there is a driver that works with this card!

Playing with dithering settings doesn’t help, as far as I know.
And no up to 34x.y or 35x.y the issue has not been solved. I’ve not used the machine for the last month or two, so I’ve not tried the latest drivers.