Frame render submission hangs if has dependency

I submit a frame render command buffer that has input semaphore dependency on a uniform buffer transfer command buffer, submitted immediately before it.

If this occurs just after the window is resized by using _NET_WM_STATE, when I get the X property change notification, but before getting the window resize event, then the render submission hangs. The next command buffer submitted that has a semaphore dependency on it, such as the next uniform block update, will print a validation error that the frame render submission semaphore has no way to be signalled.

The frame render is submitted without errors, not from vkAcquireNextImage, not from vkQueueSubmit, nor from vkQueuePresent, even though all of them may be occuring after the window resize.

This ought not to happen, and for lack of other evidence I’m assuming it’s a driver bug. Practically, it is preventing me from setting proper command buffer dependencies, with the app hanging on resize most of the time.