FRC Targeting options with NVIDIA® JETSON™ TX1 DEVELOPER KIT

We are increasing our FRC teams abilities this year. We are wondering if there are already some sample targeting code templates to use with the NVIDIA® JETSON™ TX1 DEVELOPER KIT. As a mentor, I’m not exactly sure our best options as far as installation of the card on our robot, Or is this at our drive station & use the computer to analyze data from the cameras on our robot.

Hi team 2709, welcome! It sounds like you are looking for sample codes for computer vision on the Jetson, is that right? Did you get the latest JetPack yet? It contains NVIDIA VisionWorks and OpenCV4Tegra (you are also welcome to use upstream OpenCV3 which also has support for GPU acceleration).

Also please see NVIDIA’s Jetson Tutorials page which includes a series on OpenCV and introductory material on VisionWorks, in addition to Deep Learning. And if you are interested in code templates and example neural networks for deep learning, see NVIDIA Two Days to a Demo and our GitHub.

FRC teams make use of Jetson in a variety of ways, most frequently being mounted directly on their robots. Some also use them in their drive stations too. If you’d like to take the Jetson TX1 module off the devkit and deploy on mini carrier, see the wiki’s Ecosystem section. The wiki also contains a list of tutorials and resources. Good luck this season!

Also note that when you use JetPack to flash your Jetson (if you do), you’ll connect your Jetson to a Linux PC running Ubuntu 14.04 x86_64 or Ubuntu 16.04 x86_64. However the host PC is not necessary for deployment, but if desired can be used for cross-compiling large projects (like the Linux kernel) to the embedded ‘target’ Jetson.