Ftheta model parameters

The documentation does not provide any details for the ftheta camera model.
This post states that it is actually the Kannala-Brandt generic camera model. The Kannala-Brandt model specifies the forward projection parameters in a form: [k1, k2, fu, fv, u0, v0, ....]

The dwFThetaCameraConfig structure specifies the back projection polynomial: backwardsPoly and the center of projection (u0, v0)


  1. What is the meaning of backwardsPoly coefficients?
  2. Which coefficients correspond to the “focal lengths” fu and fv from the Kannala-Brandt model?

Dear @vzadrijaRA,
I am checking internally and get back to you.

Dear @vzadrijaRA,
I am attaching white paper on Ftheta model. We are looking to improve our documentation as well on this. Thank you for brining to our notice.
ftheta.pdf (87.0 KB)

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