Fullscreen video capture issue

Hello Guys!

I am trying to migrate to windows server 2016 but I have issue.
nvfbc fails to capture fullscreen video played in chrome

requiremens to reproduce issue:
windows server 2016 x64
quadro card + tv connected into hdmi
369.49 driver, or any other
chrome web browser
test application. you can reproduce it even with NvFBCHWEncode.exe (or any other example)

steps to reproduce it:

  1. open chrome
  2. go to advanced settings, check is hw acceleration enabled (it should)
  3. navigate to your favorite youtube video
  4. close all ads
  5. start NvFBCHWEncode.exe
  6. make video fullscreen and move mouse out of screen
  7. disconnect any vnc/teamviewer apps from pc
  8. watch video for 30 secs on TV
  9. check video created by NvFBCHWEncode.exe.

what I see now:
video stuck at some moment(it repeat some frame again and again)
nvfbc update frame on any event (play button popups/mouse movement on ads)

what I expect to see:
smooth video recorded from youtube.

I unable to reproduce same issue on win8.1.

You can try to eliminate "event trigger" problem (if any) with grab timeout.

fbcHwEncGrabFrameParams.dwWaitTime = 16;

Hey mcerveny :)

ofcource I tried to do that. It uses last avaliable image as source after timeout.

Issue is: if "chrome is running fullscreen video" then "nvfbc unable to capture screen".
I see video is playing on TV (HDMI) but no frames were produced by nvfbc.

I tried to change timeout param -> (no wait/infinity wait) it just unable to capture screen. No any error is reported. no "protected source" or any other error.

I need to capture changed picture :D I don’t need any duplicate pictures :D

I may record video of this issue using phone if you like…

"last available" means "video stuck - the same image from beginning" (eg. problem with capture) or "video playing - the image is right in time" (eg. problem with trigger). Maybe some last hint - Win2016/Quadro driver - try version 375.86 is the first qualified for Video SDK 7.0 and Capture SDK depends on Video SDK.

My opinion for next step: If this does not help you can try https://nvidia.custhelp.com/app/utils/login_form/redirect/ask (but MTTR ~1 year) and/or GRID-devtech-support@nvidia.com (but no respond) (http://on-demand.gputechconf.com/gtc/2016/presentation/s6307-shounak-deshpande-get-to-know-the-nvidia-grid-sdk.pdf) and/or wait for answer here from NVidia or #NGCA (http://www.nvidia.com/object/grid-advisory-council.html) and/or join #NGCA or sign NVidia NDA to get access to technical support and newer NDA Capture SDK.


I have highlighted this thread to our Capture SDK team.

best wishes,

Hello Rachel

I would like to know were Capture SDK team able to reproduce my issue?
How can I check status of this issue?

Hi, so we have identified the bug and a fix has been identified. It will be fixed in the next GRID release.

Hey eyoung,
Any information about next GRID release? I don’t see anything newer since November 2016.


Hello RachelBerry and eyoung,

I have absolutely same issue with new drivers - 369.95
win10 + fullscreen youtube in internet explorer (no other apps are running, just IE + capture example)
it stuck once all ui elements are hiden

thank you