Fuse bypass - What is it for?


I see a partition defined for fuse bypass. What is the purpose of this partition? If the security fuses are written, does this partition allow you to override the verification check?

FBNAME FBTYPE sequential basic 2097152 0 0x8 0 % FBFILE Optional. Reserved for future use; removable.

[Note: I saw it mentioned as Fuse Bypass for Nano. Even though the same partition name is used for TX2, so it may not be used for fuse bypass, in which case my question is irrelevant]


hello rayees.shamsuddin,

fuses can be bypassed only on non-production devices.

this feature can be used to overwrite any writable fuses by adding offset and value in a configuration file, i.e. fuse_bypass.xml.
these will get stored in a fuse bypass partition during flashing, on code-boot, bootloader retrieves the offset and value of fuses from the fuse bypass partition and overwrites those fuses with values specified during flash.
this avoid the trouble of sending bypass files on each cold-boot