G80 In comparison with G84 and G86 programming on G84 and G86

I have learned, that company CyberLink has released Power DVD Ultra which able decoding video with the help of processors G84 and G86 with essential unloading the central processor. Thus, I have come to a conclusion, that on them it is possible to organize threads which can be carried out on the device and on a host simultaneously (It is very good, if it so).
As far as I understand, video decoder is better for realizing on the given processors than on G80 (as they have hardware support for decoding formats of video).
Is there a technology (like CUDA) with which it is possible to program on the given processors and where I can to read about this? Are there some problems (except for decoding video) which can be realized effectively on the given processors? I something misunderstood?

I don’t quite understand what you mean “threads which can be carried out on the device and on a host simultaneously”.

PureVideo uses a combination of dedicated video hardware on the chip and shaders to perform video processing.

There isn’t currently a developer API for accessing this hardware, but it something that we’re considering.