Gamescope/Wayland support for SteamOS 3

(To begin, I would like to clarify I know SteamOS 3 is not out, and may not be for some time. This is a feature request regarding a portion of this distribution providing upscaling and game performance benefits.)
As many may know, SteamOS 3 is coming soon. A key piece of this is its compositing window manager known as gamescope.
As of now, the Nvidia proprietary drivers lack some features required to make this work. To quote the Github page,

Can support NVIDIA if/when they support atomic KMS + accelerated Xwayland + Vulkan DMA-BUF extensions.

The open source community drivers currently suffer from performance problems that could impact gameplay performance. Adding this functionality to the official driver would allow for equivalent/greater graphical performance in gameplay to Windows.
On a side note, I would also like to see DLSS 2 support.
Thanks for your consideration.


I have good news about this. Probably very soon NVIDIA driver will support VK_EXT_image_drm_format_modifier.


My fingers are crossed so hard that they are bleeding.