Gameworks Download Center Membership Issue

I hope this is the right forum to report this, but I am unable to download the latest release of Nsight Visual Studio Edition from the Download Center page. All the other downloads work fine and I am logged into my account, however when I attempt to download it I am redirected to a Membership Required page and given the option to Join Now, which is not very helpful as I am already a member. I have tried multiple browsers and devices, however the issue remains.


Thanks for joining the Devtalk community. Let me reach out to the Nsight folks to see what is going on with the download site. I will get back to you ASAP.


I just checked and the download worked for me. Can you try downloading from this link?

I just tried again from the download center and it works fine now. Nothing changed on my end, but I’ll take it.

Great! Happy it worked for you.