How do you download Nsight?

I am getting no response from this thread

This is still a problem. How does one register if the registration page returns:

Access Denied
You don’t have permission to access “” on this server.
Reference #18.a4b54117.1377007880.34f0c4d

every time.

Help please, I’ve been asking for this to be sorted for months now!

Hi Birdwes,
Sorry to hear you are still having problems - when this started months ago it was in a middle of some server issues - but they were all resolved.
Can you try these URLs and see if you can get there:


These are almost the same except they are “https” - the URL’s you provided are “http” which should have been redirected , but perhaps that is the issue.
Please try and let us know.

Exact same thing here. I’m “approved” for the nsight program and logged in. Still unable to get the download page or nsight program home page

Hi Fred,
I checked on your account and for whatever reason it appears that you have not applied for the Nsight developer program. You application on 09/25/13 was for the game dev program - it can get confusing.
I have sent additional information via message.
Thanks and good luck,

I’m already registered and approved in both programs since the beginning, still can’t get access. Please see your pm. Thanks!

Hi! I know that it could sound like a naive answer but did you try by using another browser?
I say this because I had had the same problem (Access Denied etc) by using Google Chrome, but using Internet Explorer everything went perfect.


Chrome, Firefox and ie are not working. When I go to the “My Account” area, it says “approved” for both Nsight Visual Studio Edition Registered Developer Program and Graphics/Game Development Registered Developer Program, but I can’t get access.

I’m trying to get help on this since a month.