GCC toolchain instructions are a train wreck

I just want to compile a kernel and dtb for my carrier.
Am I the only one doing this?
Your instructions are wrong half the time.
My confidence is very very low that after I spend a couple of days, that this is going to work.

gcc-4.8.5-aarch64.solitairetheme8 is what the tar file is called at the download link that you give as

Downloading the Pre-Built Toolchain
Download the pre-built toolchain binaries from the Embedded Download Center on the NVIDIA Developer page at:
The AARCH64 toolchain is available at:
Copy the contents of the tarball to the location of your toolchain and start using it.

I did a tar -xvf and it went into ./install Yay!

The toolchain source tarball contains the following:
• The required sources to build the toolchain.
• The make-aarch64-toolchain.sh script that builds the toolchain.
• A patches folder containing patches to the toolchain sources.


alphi@alphi-MS-7971:~/TX2/64_TX2/install$ find ./ -name *.sh


#alphi@alphi-MS-7971:~/TX2/64_TX2/install$ find ./ -name toolchain

Is this why ALL of the instructions that google finds tell me to build on the jeston itself?
Has anyone actually done this?
Do you guy know how to do this?


This might take some test downloads (I’m not sure which one is the actual binary), but what you found was the source for building the tool chain, not the binary pre-built tools. The binary is available as a pre-built format.

You would have to log in here (which might require first going there, logging in, and then going here a second time since redirect doesn’t work):

If you read the longer detailed description you will find some of those are sources, others say “…This is a pre-built 64-bit ARM (aarch64) cross-compiling toolchain…”.

If that still gives you the sources, then there is a bug in the web page that needs to be fixed.

Btw, compiling a tool chain is not for most people, it gets complicated with many extra packages of some specific version being required (and also being built from source) and is never ever fast even if you’ve done it before.

Those instruction are wrong anyway that you look at it.

The file called .solitare8 that tries to start playing cards on windows is actually a tar file and it is the binaries.

That’s why the scripts don’t exist.

The instructions aren’t just wrong, they need to figure out what they want to say first.

None of these were intended for Windows. Typically these are used from Ubuntu, although I use them with Fedora. One of the reasons Ubuntu is officially supported is because it has the ability to use the “.deb” packages and many of the cross tools are already available (although I’m not sure if there might be cases of Ubuntu 18.04 being too new for some tools). If you are not using Ubuntu it will complicate your life.

What environment are you using?

The directions are completely wrong.

I am commenting as a favor so that maybe someone will fix them.

If you read what I wrote, I renamed the solitare file to what it should be, and then extracted the binaries and pointed to them.

I usually don’t spend my time to comment when I have to figure this much out without any resources.

Apparently no one at Nvidia cares, and no one is ACTUALLY cross compiling on the recommended Ubuntu host.

Thanks for the response!

Thanks for your input.
We have update for the J4.2(r32.1), Please have a review and give input. The download link there is not correct will update it.