GeForce GT 610 with GeForce GTX 660 - SOLVED


I’m running Linux Mint with 2 GeForce GT 610 cards and 4 monitors (2 per card) driver 331.38. I would like to upgrade one of the cards to GeForce GTX 660 to get a total of 6 monitors and 4k capabilities. Will these two cards work together?




I see no reason why they wouldn’t… you wouldn’t have SLI though due to restrictions on pairing of GPU’s to provide optimal Multi-GPU performance… then again, I don’t think the GT 610 can even do SLI.

Thanks for reply. I read somewhere that nvidia drivers on linux will not support different GPUs at the same time. I was wondering if the fact that one card is GT and the other GTX would cause a problem.


Nah, as far as I know, the restriction is only in place for SLI… In SLI? It requires two of the same type of GPU… so If you wanted SLI with for example a GTX 780 ti? You’d need a second GTX 780 ti… a regular GTX 780 would not be compatible for SLI. You can mix and match for multi-monitor needs if that’s your goal, just can’t get them to both render 3d graphics at the same time.

Thank you. I can now confirm that are indeed correct. My GTX 660 arrived and I’m now running 5 monitors with 4 hanging off the GTX 660 and one off the GT 610. Running Mint 17 mate.

I Did have to use xinerama to get it all working nicely

Is base mosaic not an option for you?? It should have been right above/below the xinerama option in nvidia-settings. Xinerama is considered out dated and is known to cause problems.

Edit* on 2nd thought it might not be an option for 5 monitors.,24519.html. Forgot I had read that and a thread here about it.

If there is an artificial limit of 3 then it should be bumped to 5 soon since windows can now do 5 screen surround. I mean… parity and all.