Ubuntu 8.10 + 2 GeForce 8600 GT

Good time of day, I have a problem.

After installing the driver, nvidia 177 and restart the 'X does not run.
The problem in using SLI, with 1 card everything works fine.

System: Ubuntu 8.10-i368

Please help to correct the problem.

Ubuntu 8.10 unfortunately has its problems with 2 NVidia cards. Launchpad says that it is a bug within XOrg [1]? Unfortunately no solution yet…


[1] https://bugs.launchpad.net/xorg-server/+bug/60180

Just a question (as I’m considering getting another 8600GT card myself and doing SLI), Did it work for you with previous driver versions?

I did not use SLI with my setup. I have a 8600 for XOrg and a 280 GTX for CUDA. But normally SLI should also work with the current 8.10 because with SLI the OS only gets a single device and not two ones as with non-SLI.


doesn’t SLI require two modules of the same exact type?

Hm. I do not exactly know at the moment because i never used SLI with Linux. Sorry for that. Maybe anybody else have some experience with that?


Yes SLI requires two identical gpu’s with same ram size. They may be different manufactures but have to be same gpu.