GeForce GTX285 now available

The GeForce GTX285 is now available for Apple:
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My Mac 285 arrived and is installed in an 08 Mac Pro next to a PC 285 that uses a post boot injector.

The Mac 285 is great, but doing one very odd thing. It keeps going into slow mode. deviceQuery show a clock of 0.6 GHz unless I wake it up with some heavy graphics, when dQ comes back with 1.48GHz. The MonteCarlomultuGPU example reports around 10k options per second, unless the card is woken up, when it gives about 80k options per second. It feels like both the clock speed is being lowered, and some cores disabled, in some low power mode, but I cannot seem to find out how to control it. The PC card consistently reports 80k options and 1.48 GHz under 10.5.7. I am using the driver update posted to the evga web site in the last day or so and it has made no difference.

Is there a hidden control utility somewhere or is my card faulty?

Are you using the card to drive a display? or just for CUDA?


Either, depending on what I am doing. The throttle-down is nothing to do with whether a display is connected or not, and has more to do with whether 3D or “extra” mode has been triggered. I think the Mac 285 card is excellent - just needs a driver update to manage the power a bit better. For now I have got into the habit of running nbody just before doing a numerical calculation and that kicks it into fast mode. Sorry for the earlier hint that my card might be faulty - I did not properly understand the multi-state behaviour when I said that.

I think that in the absence of a fix I m going to edit my BIOS and change the speed states. This really does need some form of control panel from Nvidia/Apple to allow users to force the card into fast mode while doing Cuda work that is not 3D. If anyone has any ideas before I take this drastic step do post or PM me!

Actually, I think fixing the driver to automatically go to fast mode when CUDA kernels are running is preferable to adding a control panel with a check box that says “Work correctly”. :)

I could not have put it better. Right now I would settle for a “Work correctly” button.

Some poor sole is complaining about it on EVGA forums. He is having a hard time getting past the tide of people who cannot understand why he/she wants the card to go fast when not playing 3D games. Apparently under windows some more understanding folk have little apps running in background that keep the card in 3D mode. Can’t find mac versions.

Finally got bored running ./nbody to kick card. Going for the BIOS edit now…

The power management software stack is controlled by Apple.
We are working on a possible solution.

That’s good news mfatica - thank you. I stopped short of doing a BIOS edit when I saw on macrumors that someone else had tried it and nearly ruined the card.

It has been three months. Has there been any progress made on this problem? If so, is there an estimate of when a solution can be released?