German model support?

from dev

how to training custom ML models?

I am looking to translate it to a German Medical NER model 

How to start the contact-center/callcenter node sample app using “de_DE” setting in config ? could you extend, please?

Any update?

Looks like till now German is still only supported for the ASR part, not for NLP or TTS.

Is there any timeline for German language support at least for TTS, possibly NLP as well?

Thanks in advance for any info about that

Hi @ab-tools and @_av

Thanks for your interest in Riva

I will check regarding this query further with the team and let you know further information

Thanks for your patience

We plan to add support for out of the box German TTS in the first half of 2023.
We do not plan to expand out of the box NLP language support in Riva in the near term. Recommend using Nemo (link) to train a custom German Medical NER model (you can use a base model from Huggingface) and export to Riva. If it’s a BERT or BERT large model, it should work with Riva NLP APIs.

Thanks for taking the time to reply, @avenkatesan.

It’s a pity that it still takes quite a while for German TTS support, but we’ll wait. :-)