get cpu device get cpu device in linux or win7

Hi, every body!

I have a question about getting cpu device with opencl on ubuntu 11.10.
I have already installed nvidia opencl(cuda) sdk on my computer, and run sample codes successfully.

But when I tried to modify the code and get cpu devices, the number of cpu devices always returns zero!

My question is how to get the cpu device with opencl.


You need to have .icd entries in /etc/OpenCL/vendors/ The only way to get them currently is to install the relavent (intel / amd) OpenCL SDKs.

So I have to install intel opencl sdk if I want to use the cpu device.

Then, when I want to use the cpu device, I choose the intel platform;

when I want to use the gpu device, I choose the NV platform.

Are above statements true?


This is correct.