Get Source_id inside process_meta function

Please provide complete information as applicable to your setup.

• Hardware Platform - Jetson
• DeepStream Version - 5.0

How do I access source_id / stream_id inside process_meta function of deepstream_app.c without disabling Tiler?

My solution was to move the tiler until after I had done what I needed with the metadata. Removing it entirely wasn’t necessary in my case. My app is not deepstream_app, but you might be able to use a similar strategy to accomplish what you want.

May I know where do i have to move the tiler?

I moved below code,

 if (!create_processing_instance(appCtx, i))
        goto done;

Above tiler and below streammux

Yet no change

By moving the tiler, I mean to change the link order. You’ll have to find where the tiler is linked (with gst_element_link), and change the order. I would recommend following the GStreamer tutorials to gain the necessary knowledge to accomplish this task, and I don’t know whether this approach is applicable to DeepStream app. You’ll have to investigate yourself :)