Gst-nvmultistreamtiler Dynamically Deleting Feeds without causing black tiles

I have followed the sample code to dynamically add and remove feeds found here:

Adding feeds works as I would expect it to, however, when removing feeds dynamically, the tiler maintains the same number of rows and columns, all that happens is the deleted stream will “black-out”.

I need the mosaic to simply remove the deleted stream, and reconstruct the mosaic such that the remaining enabled streams fill up the entire tiler.

I have tried to adjust the tiler’s row and column properties at the end of the delete_sources function with no luck (it does not change anything when I do this).

I would greatly appreciate any help with this matter.

Additional info:

• Jetson Nx
• DeepStream 6.0
• JetPack 4.6 GA
• TensorRT 8.0.1
• Issue Type: question

The “rows” and “columns” properties of nvmultistreamtiler can not be changed dynamically.

I see, but I was under the impression that since adding new sources dynamically increased the number of rows and columns, deleting sources dynamically would have the implicit effect of decreasing the number of rows and columns.

So I am just seeking some advice/help as to how I would make this possible. Do you think it would work if I had to delete the source as per usual → pause the pipeline → reset the row and columns of the tiler to the desired values → set the pipeline to playing again ?

How else could this be achieved ?

No. It does not work. The “rows” and “columns” properties of nvmultistreamtiler can not be changed dynamically. It has nothing to do with the sources.

Okay, I understand that they cannot be dynamically removed, but is pausing the pipeline and then changing the properties still considered “dynamic” changes ? I though “dynamic” was specifically when changing elements or properties in the pipelines while in the PLAYING state.

In gstreamer, States, PAUSE still have active pad to receive buffers, so the buffers can not be changed. It is still a runtime state which is “dynamic”.

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