Getting GPG errors when using run script to launch docker image

I started to have the problem:

GPG error: Kitware APT Repository focal InRelease: The following signatures couldn’t be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 1A127079A92F09ED

I saw a solution posted on github

But it’s not clear where I add it as the docker file appears to be built via script.

Thanks @lowellm

I’m following your issue with the engineering.


I should say after that I get:

6.803 E: The repository ‘Kitware APT Repository focal InRelease’ is not signed.

So basically it doesn’t work to download the key, people talked about modifying the docker file but as far as I see the docker file doesn’t exist, it’s built by the build script.

Hi @lowellm

I’m building an Isaac ROS docker from scratch and don’t see the GPG error on Kitware.

How are you making/building your docker?

I followed the instructions back when I first installed it, I believe I downloaded the premade docker image? I corrected the error via the github link via modifying the docker file but it shouldn’t be required.

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maybe it was stored on your device in an old docker version.

Using the latest image everything works correctly.

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