Getting started training for Xavier AGX

I have just unboxed my Jetson AGX Xavier and am looking through the courses at: Deep Learning Online Courses | NVIDIA

There are a bunch of getting started with Jetson Nano courses but nothing for my dev kit.

Before I spend a couple of hours on these, can you confirm that the nano intro courses will work with the AGX Xavier? E.g. Will the docker images for the nano work okay on this?

Are there any intro courses for my specific dev kit? I can’t find anything explicitly for this model.



To run training on the Xavier, it’s recommended to check the jetson-inference tutorial.
Please set up your environment to JetPack 4.6 with SDKmanager:

Then you can follow the tutorial below:


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Also to answer your question @brbaker about the “Getting Started with AI on Jetson Nano” DLI course, that container should also work on Jetson AGX Xavier, but I don’t believe it’s been explicitly tested. You would probably want to use a USB webcam with it like the Logitech C270 or C920.

I do test the jetson-inference / Hello AI World tutorial on AGX Xavier, so that should be good to go for you.


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