Using Jetson nano SD image for Xavier Nx

I’m really interested to do the Nvidia course “Getting Started with DeepStream for Video Analytics on Jetson Nano”. Th course is available on a Jetson Nano SD image. Having purchased a Xavier NX, I tried to use the image to boot my NX but I have not been successful so far. Could you please let me know if I’m doing the right thing or not! If what I’m doing (as a noob :)) is absolutely waste of time, please let me know how I’m able to run the course on Jetson Nx? is there any work around?

Many thanks

This looks to be in the wrong forum, moving this topic to the Jetson Nano forum.

Hi sep,

The Nano image can’t be used on NX platform, please follow Getting Started With Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit to setup your NX device first, then follow in the course to setup your environment for DeepStream development. If any issue on DeepStream SDK, please open topic at DeepStream SDK Forum.