Getting started with Jetson Orin Cuda 11.4 and PyTorch 1.12.1


I’m trying to use a Jetson Orin with pytorch for YOLO real-time recognition

The code already works on CPU, on a regular notebook, but I’m not able to move it to GPU on the Orin,

I already have Cuda 11.4 installed and Torch 1.12.1, which, from what I found, should support one another, but


returns False

Aditionally my JetPack version is 5.0.2-b231

Hello @jotapedromabreu and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums!

I highly recommend going through the “Getting Started” instructions on Start Locally | PyTorch and check that you are fulfilling all prerequisites.

In addition to that I will move your post to the Jetson Orin category, they will haave better insight into what requirements are needed to run pytorch with CUDA on that device.


@jotapedromabreu see the PyTorch for Jetson topic for the CUDA-enabled PyTorch wheels for JetPack

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