GFX cards with CUDA? HW

Are there GFX cards that do not support CUDA even though they have for instance a 9500GT device.

I began thinking since very few of the graphics card vendors mark their products with “CUDA”. ASUS does not mention CUDA. although they use a wide range of NVIDIA circuits.

However, if I look at a online store. The cards that have “CUDA” circuits are very clearly marked with “CUDA”.

So, do the vendors disable “CUDA” on some of their cards or can I be sure that I will be able to use CUDA if I buy for instance a 9500GT card?

No, all DX10 cards made by NVIDIA support CUDA.

Thanks. I bought myself an ASUS with a 9500GT.
It works with cuda. The performance is excellent.
I have some stability issues though but that belongs to another thread.
Best Regards.