Gird K2 vGPU / XenApp 7.12 - Black Screen?

Hi all,

recently testet a grid-powered XenApp-VM:
VMware 6.0, recent NVIDIA Driver for 20120R2 and ESX, XenDesktop 7.12 VDA, Server 2012 R2

What I did:

  • Assigned a 240q profile to the Virtual Machine
  • Installed VMware Tools and NVIDIA driver
  • Changed VMware SVGA driver to "Microsoft Basic Display Adapter"
  • Disabled Vmware adapter, so GRID-Card is the only active display adapter.
  • Installed Server VDA (no HDX3D-option in installer, this should be fine?)
  • Applied RDS Policy "Use hardware adapter…" (Rachels Blog)
  • Applied Multimonitor Hooks (EnableWPFHook, Rachels Blog)
  • Installed VNC, connected run dxdiag - all looks fine (Jasons Configuration Checks Video)

However when I connect via ICA I only get a black screen. Session is alive (prompt for local printer access etc. appears), user processes are visible in taskmgr, sessino state active.
When I remove grid card I can logon successfully.

Did I miss sth?

When I connect to the machine using VNC and open display propertiers I can see 2 monitors. 1 NVIDIA, 1 other. NVIDIA is #2, the other (disabled one) #1.
Could this be the issue?


Hi Marco,

don’t know if this is still relevant, anyway.

I had a similar issue working on a new setup (VMWare 6.5, Server 2016, XA 7.14.1). For me this was solved by removing the EnableWPFHook regkeys:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Citrix\CtxHook\AppInit_Dlls\Multiple Monitor Hook name="EnableWPFHook" type="REG_DWORD" value="00000001"
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Citrix\CtxHook\AppInit_Dlls\Multiple Monitor Hook" name="EnableWPFHook" type="REG_DWORD" value="00000001"