Gk106-400-A1 Unlock 5th SMX?

Hello im curious to unlock the 5th SMX on my Quadro k4000 if this is possible. It approaches the stock speed (955mhz) of a GTX 660 (980 mhz) with the stock voltage. I was told this may be possible as there are cards that work in the opposite fashion.

Im not sure if it is lasered or modified by software, and after last night’s pencil mod on a gt 1030 for more memory voltage on a whim, I feel like anything is possible and need to consult here. Thanks for any responses

Hello @boosted.silicon and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums!

Officially the GK106 used in the Quadro K4000 only has 4 SMX blocks, giving you 768 CUDA cores. That means officially we are not able to help you with your question.

But maybe there are some other forum users who found some “magic” to transform the Quadro into a retail GTX660, so best of luck.

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