GLEXT problems with CUDA By Example

I’m in the process of teaching myself CUDA and have worked my way through half of the CUDA By Example book. I had some trouble in an earlier chapter getting GLUT to work but found a thread on here that suggested I change the glut include line in gl.helper.h to #include <GLUT/glut.h>.

I’m now going through chapter 4 where it discusses graphics interoperability. When attempting to compile my modified gpu ripple routine, I’ve been getting errors that I think I’ve narrowed down to glext.h. Following other advice I found, I added an #include <OpenGL/glext.h> line to the gl_helper.h file but I’m still getting errors:

../common/gpu_anim.h(27): error: identifier "PFNGLBINDBUFFERARBPROC" is undefined

From what I can tell, PFNGLBINDBUFFERARBPROC is usually defined in glext.h but Apple’s version doesn’t for some reason. I don’t know what to try now, any suggestions?

For the record, my compile line is “nvcc -o 832_gpuripple_redux -Xlinker -framework,OpenGL -Xlinker -framework,GLUT” so OpenGL and GLUT should be included.