glMapNamedBufferRange crash (driver problem)

glMapNamedBufferRange crash on 340.52
if use glMapBufferRange in same code (with buffer binded) it works

Buffer is allocated by glBufferStorage

OS windows 7 x64
GPU GeForce gtx 760

was it working for you in a previous driver version ? What GL context version are you using?

I just tried it, so i don’t know

I’m using glfw (last version), Context version is 4.4.0, GLFW any profile flag is on. no forward compat, no robustness.

Also glGetBufferSubData works, but glGetNamedBufferSubData don’t work
Nvidia, please test your drivers…
(EXT_direct_state_access is supported)

Are you checking to see if the ARB_direct_state_access extension is available and loaded correctly? EXT_direct_state_access is the old extension. Those functions are a part of OpenGL 4.5 and you said you are using a 4.4 context. You could also try updating to 340.82 to see if that makes a difference.