GPIO usage C++

Hello everyone,
I’m having some trouoble using the GPIO of the Jetson Nano.
I’ve tried both python scripts and C++ scripts with absolutely no results.
I’ve found c++ scripts here: (i know those are for Jetson TX)
and python scripts from /usr/share/doc/jetson-gpio-common/samples

I’m used to work with Raspberry Pi’s GPIO so I know how to use pins, buttons etc.

I’ve recently swapped to Jetson for a project. I installed python 3.6 from pip and directly went for the simplest examples ( but it doesn’t read the value correctly.

Can someone help me? my doubt is: do I need some other configuration? some jumper to be closed or open?

thank you in advance

how about using Jetson-IO tool for GPIO configuration.

Hi, thank you for your reply!
I googled a lot and found this:
A pulldown resistor to the GPIO pin was needed and the signal coming from the 3v3 pin.
Close the topic!
Thank you!