GPIO with Python on TX2

Hi everyone,

I am trying to use the GPIOs of the JetsonTX2 to control a laser by sending either ON/OFF signal either a PWM signal in a python program.

Can anyone tell me if it is possible to access GPIOs with python (are there special libraries?)?

Thanks in advance


See this thread

Thank you for the thread, it helped me somehow.

Another question I couldn’t find an answer to: when I want to send a signal through a GPIO should I call the pin by the its pin number (1 to 40) or by the LinuxGPIO number ?

Basically I just want to make the in-built LED of the arduino blink, and for this I want to send a signal to the pin12 of the arduino. The program inside the arduino is simple: check for the value of this pin and light or not the LED (I connect the ground too).

Linked is the spreadsheet from Jetshonhack describing those number. Except from the one marked as “don’t use as GPIO”, can I use any of the other to generate the wanted signal ?

Thanks in advance

Jetson-TX2-GPIO-mapping_excel.xls (16.5 KB)

You need to track the signal on the motherboard back to the module, and look at the module pinouts to see which Linux GPIO numbers it will use. For some of the standard motherboard connectors, this has already been done.

So, in short: No, you don’t use the numbers on the connectors; you use the Linux GPIO numbers.