GPIO04 power led control?

I can see on schematic of NANO that gpio04 is used as power-on indicator.
If NANO development kit can be used with NX then how that pin can be configured as input in
NX pinmux file?
How it will be handle in NX default firmware?
Can i use it as it is done in NANO carier board?

P.S. I am designing carrier board basing on nano P3449_B01 files.

Hi ulmus,

Please download the pinmux spreadsheet and use it to create new pinmux (cfg) files and re-flash your board.

Thank You for the answer but…
I can see in the schematics that GPIO04 is used for the led, power-on indicator, but in pinmux
excel file i can see that port is default defined as an input, drive 1…
so, i expected that it would be defined as an output to control the led…
I am now designing, so i cannot for now check that, i have no NX module and i’m thinking if it will work
with NANO development carrier board or my designed carrier pcb. That’s all…

It should be set to ‘output’ if used for led control. Will update default set in released pinmux sheet, thanks.