GPU benchmark error

I am working on a virtual machine on the Azure Microsoft service.
The virtual machine is running windows 10 and I have a Tesla T4 GPU.
I downloaded all the latest Nvidia drivers.
My problem occurs when I try to run a GPU benchmark software, I am running the benchmark software Heaven Benchmark 4.0.
When I run the benchmark software I am getting the following error:

Sometimes the benchmark software just getting stuck.
I tried to run it as a sanity check to see that everything is working fine (I am pretty new to working in this environment).
I also tried running an online benchmark at the url:, and it is just getting stuck.
When I run nvidia-smi.exe it recognize my GPU and driver version.

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It turns out I had to download a GRID driver and it fix everything.
The link for the driver is here: Azure N-series NVIDIA GPU driver setup for Windows - Azure Virtual Machines | Microsoft Learn