BSoD launching benchmark apps - 369.71


We just installed some M6 cards using VMware ESXi, 6.0.0, 3620759 on some HP ProLiant WS460c Gen9s blades. When using the vGPU on any OS (Win7/10, Server2008R2) and launching certain apps, like GPU-Z or 3DMark 11, the VM will blue screen and reboot. This appears to be the case for any of the card profiles. Just want to ask if this is related to the driver version or a config issue. Haven’t seen anything about this in the "known issues" of the release docs.

Any thoughts?


I’ve been encountering the similar issues. Was VMtools installed before Nvidia driver is installed?

Hey Coffee,

The tools were installed before the card driver. Other benchmark tools launch and run, like Unigine Heaven or Specviewpefc. Process monitor can also read GPU info, though the memory and GPU % figures are not accurate compared to nvidia-smi.exe.

Hey Gillilanded,

Are CUDA or OpenCL running on it? How about vGPU features? M6-8Q or M6-8A or something? Of course, you have applied a vGPU license on it, right?


at least the issues with GPU-Z are well known. Don’t use the latest versions of GPU-Z until the issue is fixed. I don’t have experience with 3DMark, In general it makes not much sense to run an artificial benchmark on a GRID environment.
Unigene Heaven should work if you need to run a benchmark (for a single running VM).



Not sure this is related but NVIDIA driver 369.71 for Windows seems like contains NVIDIA CUDA or OpenCL process files. If correct, NVIDIA CUDA or OpenCL are supported on the following profiles.
M60-8Q and 8A
M6-8Q and 8A