vGPU Driver 331.59-332.83 BSOD


I am running a Dell R720 with GRID K1’s and Citrix XenDesktop 7.1/XenServer 6.2.

Today I applied the latest Nvidia vGPU drivers (NVIDIA-GRID-vGPU-331.59-332.83-win64) to my host and VMs and now I get the BSOD when launching an application that was working earlier today with older drivers. I’d love to get someone from Citrix or Nvidia to take a look, or at least get their opinion. I think it’s an Nvidia thing due to the “nvlddmkm.sys” mentioned in the BSOD error message.

*** nvlddmkm.sys

I am not sure what data to gather or what to try from here.

Weird since this application used to work but now that we have updated the driver it does not work and BSODs.


Thanks ajfilla for reporting this issue.

  1. Is it possible to share BSOD full memory dump for initial analyze?
  2. >>>I get the BSOD when launching an application
    Could you please confirm while launching which application you are seeing BSOD?
  3. >>>that was working earlier today with older drivers
    Could you please help to confirm the older / working host and VM driver version?
  4. If you switch to older driver version [on both host and VM], application is working fine?
  5. Please provide nvidia bug report by running script


did you just install the latest NVIDIA driver or did you reinstall XenTools and VDA again as well?


Erik Bohnhorst | Solution Architect – GRID
NVIDIA Corporation


I will generate the logs and full memory dump as soon as I can this afternoon. We were using BAE SocetGXP 3.2. I will send the older driver versions out as well. I did not reinstall XenServer Tools or the HDX3DPro VDA - I did run the MontereyEnable exe upon installation of the new Nvidia drivers on the Win7 VM.

<UPDATED WITH BSOD Screenshot and Nvidia Logs>


Andy (368 KB) (368 KB)

I’m having trouble adding the zipped up screenshot, mini dump, and NVidia logs to the site.
bsod(3).PNG (368 KB)

Go to your last comment, top right corner, you can find the attachment icon. Use that to upload the attachments.

Thanks ajfilla,

Can you please help to share the BAE SocetGXP 3.2? or Is there any other applications / software’s will help us to reproduce this issue locally?

Hi Raja, That software required a floating license to run and I can’t share that out. I can give someone from Nvidia remote access into my system via GoToMeeting if you that would help.

Okay so we reran the tests with the 331.59-332.83 drivers in K100, K120Q, and K140Q modes. Everything was the same in each test except for the mode of the GPU.

The application functioned when we ran it in K100 mode, but it BSOD our Win7 session in both K120Q and K140Q mode.

ajfilla, I am facing some issue for launching SocetGXP 4.0 & 3.1. I have installed this app and license server on VM and its working fine. But Launch manger is not showing any product/module to launch. I have connected USB license key to xenserver host and pass-through to win7 VM. How you are using usb license on the VM?

We are not able to make SocetGXP 4.0 work on VM. But we installed SoCET SET 5.5, loaded and launched project and observed BSOD. We observed BSOD on VNC session as well.

Are you also able to repro this issue with SoCET SET 5.5 ? Is the issue repro on VNC connection as well?


I will check and see if I can get my hands on SocetSet 5.5 but I am not sure. With regards to SocetGXP - I am not using a USB key - I am using a server floating license. Perhaps we can schedule a time and I could allow you to VNC or GoToMeeting into my lab to view the SocetGXP issue in real time. Would that help?


Hi All,

I have XenDesktop 7.1 running on a number of XenServers with K1 and K2 cards.

The virtual desktops are bluescreening at random times and referencing the driver, dxgmms1.sys. I understand that this is a DirectX driver. Most of the time, I actually find the virtual desktops started in Windows Recovery Mode. I have been able to catch it bluescreened though. Windows event logs do not show anything leading up to the issue. I believe these machines are just bluescreening while idle as no users have reported getting kicked out during a session.

The virtual desktops are bluescreening across various different hosts and GPU profiles. The are bluescreens on both K1 and K2 passthroughs and vGPU profiles K120Q and K140Q.

All the virtual desktops are 64 bit Windows 7 and there are no Direct X updates showing as needed from Windows Update.

If I run DXdiag, it shows that I have DirectX 11. Microsoft notes that this tool reads "DirectX 11" even if the systems have DirectX 11.1 or 11.2. I also ran the 64bit DxDiag and it said that there were no problems found.

I updated XenServer and the GRID Manager a couple of weeks ago but the issue occurred before then. Here are my current drivers below. If you go to this site as of 9/22/2014, I am using all the latest drivers from release "331.59.01/332.83"

From Windows Device Manager:

All XenServers have: NVIDIA-vgx-xenserver-6.2-331.59.01.i386.rpm

Build Date 2014-06-26
BUild Number: 70446c
Version: 6.2

Has anyone else experienced this or have any ideas on next steps?

Thanks for your help!!



I have XenDesktop 7.1 running one XenServer with K1

The VM with Windows 8.1 64 bits are bluescreening all times and referencing the driver nvlddmkm.sys.

XenServer driver: NVIDIA-vgx-xenserver-6.2-331.59.01.i386.rpm
Windows latest driver: 332.83

XenServer with all updates

Has anyone else experienced this or have any ideas on next steps?

Thanks for your help!!

Miguel Bispo

Hi Miguel,

Can you give some detail on the applications you’re using.