Citrix RemotePC with Quadro 2000 BSOD


currently I’m working on Citrix XenDesktop (7.6) RemotePC solution to provide 3D rich graphic for CAD users.
RemotePC is based on brand new Dell T1700 with Nvidia Quadro K2000 and Windows 7 SP1 fully patched. All looks ok, but BSOD occurs too often.

I have tested many nvidia drivers with current / previous and BETA as well. All have the same issue and my work ends with BSOD. The message from WinDbg: "Probably caused by : nvlddmkm.sys ( nvlddmkm+711b48 )". Could someone advice what drivers version to use, or what could be the reason of BSOD?

Do you get BSOD when not using the remote connection to the workstation just using it as a normal workstation?

Which VDA are you using? You should be choosing the HDX 3D Pro one and also running montereyenable to allow the VDA to leverage the API’s it has access to.


using "pure" RDP I have not any BSOD (I have remote access only).

XenDesktop 7.6 VDA installed and HDX 3D Pro with montereyenable active (NvFBC is enabled).

I have noticed it’s happening when resizing screen / extending to 2 monitors or changing orientation (using mobile device).

RDP effectively disables the GPU, so not really a fair test.

We need to see if there’s something occuring when GPU is in use but the VDA isn’t in play, so really at the physical machine itself. If that BSOD’s then we’ve eliminated the VDA, if it doesn’t BSOD then we need to look at the VDA and if it’s making illegal or corrupted calls.


I have checked it today with "normal physical" access.
All is working fine without any problems.

did you every find a solution for this issue?

I am faced to a similar problem: XenDesktop Remote PC Access, with VDA 7.6
Latest Citrix Receiver, NVIDIA Quadro NVS295.

If I try to extend my session over my two screens, we see a bluescreen with vd3dk.sys