Xenserver 7.1 - Windows 10 build 1703 Blue Screens with Driver 369.95

This is my first post here, so thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

My organization is running Xenserver 7.1 and currently has 140 Grid vGPU enabled dektops running Windows 7. We are in the process of moving to Windows 10 and Office 2016, but I am having issues with getting 369.95 drivers installed in the latest build if Windows 10 Enterprise. The driver package installs normally, but as soon as a reboot is executed I get a blue screen for a system exception at dxgkrnl.sys.

Is this a known issue? I’m assuming it’s driver related with this particular build of Windows, because using Windows 10 LTSB build 1607 has no issues with the drivers at all.

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I’ve not used 1703 yet, so just downloaded an evaluation from Technet and tried in my lab … I get a crash at reboot too (same XenServer and GRID versions). Driver installs fine, reboot and it crashes. My advice, stick with 1607 LTSB for the time being, it’s tested and stable and will still provide a nice experience / security upgrade from Win 7. Then either apply that “creators update” to your 1607 base or create a new 1703 base when it’s been validated and is stable.

Just reading other forums, there are other GPU issues with 1703 as well …

I’ll raise it with the GRID team so they’re aware.



Hi Folks

I have the same problem. I set up a new XenServer 7.1 host with one Tesla M60. Citrix XenDesktop 7.13 provides access to Windows 10 virtual machines. All Windows 10 v1607 machines are running fine, but v1703 crashes when the Grid driver 369.95 is installed on every boot showing "SYSTEM THREAD EXCEPTION NOT HANDLED".

I figured out it has something to do with the screen resolution of the virtual machine. I’m using the GRID M60-2Q (4 displays, 4k Res) profile in XenServer. If you install the Grid driver the screen resolution switches to 25601600. You can work with this as long as you do not reboot the Windows vm. If you restart you get the BSOD. You can “fix” your machine by choosing another GPU profile in XenCenter which does not allow resolution higher than Full HD, 19201200 seems to be the maximum working setting. You may have to restart the virtual machine several times until Windows 10 automatically repairs itself.

You can switch back to higher resolution profiles as long as you set a resolution not exceeding 1920*1200 before you restart the machine.

I also tested to connect to the machine via XenDesktop. As I’m using a maximum of three Full HD displays at the moment, I switched to a full screen desktop spanning all three displays, which works fine.

I hope this will help to fix the issue. We also have some laptops with builtin 4k displays, which may need access to these machines in the future.


Hi guys,

as Win10 v1703 came out after the current GRID version it is not tested/supported. Please stay with v1607 until there is the next GRID release with support for 1703.



Hi folks,

just want to update you that this issue is solved with a MSFT hotfix:



Thanks for the update Simon - I’ve just tested it and all good!



You have to update your microsoft using https://unfitpc.com/dxgkrnl-sys it can be fix your issue.