Grid Driver 385.90 and multiple monitors Xendesktop 7.14

We upgraded our GRID drivers from 367 to 385.90 and we started having problems with our Xendesktops running Windows 10. If the user has multiple monitors, they will login and get a really low resolution or basically it looks like its running in a window.

However if we login the user from a single monitor station, it works fine…then the user can reconnect to the session from their desktop and everything looks/works fine.

It only started happening after the latest driver update, but I am not sure how to troubleshoot that further

Doh…it won’t let me edit my post…I forgot to mention we are running 2x M60 cards on ESX 6.0U3
Windows 10 build is 1607

Checked your license?
Sounds like you don’t have a license in place. With 5.x we forced licensing and this means if you don’t have a license you will see degraded resolution and FPS.