XenDesktop 7.11, HDX 3D Pro, Windows 10 - GRID K1 Issues

We are noticing there are issues with multiple monitors with Windows 10 on the 369 driver. We get the following symptoms:

  • Random black screens when resizing
  • Random garbled screens when resizing
  • Black screens when reconnecting to disconnected sessions

If we set the VDA back to Standard mode, these issues do not occur. The same drivers on our Win 8.1 with HDX 3D pro environment also do not have these symptoms. This is only with Win10

Citrix support has come back to use mentioning that there may be a bug with the 369 driver with Win10. Can anyone confirm this? And if so, what is the ETA on a fix?

It’s often worth checking our KB system.

Could you check this article and see if it matches the version of Win10 you are using?

Yes, this article does appear to be related to the issues we experience. We are currently on the 367.43/369.17 driver suite. Is there a current private fix for this?

Yes the fixes are public (Nov 2016) release.

As background - when switching to the std-VDA you are turning changing to using the WDDM driver rahter than the NVIDIA one so avoiding protocol calls to NVFBC and NVENC, so you are getting application acceleration but not frame buffer capture or encode from the NVIDIA driver. You do however also change the default codec used too, so while it can point to the problem being NVIDIA it doesn’t eliminate it being a codec issue (in this case pretty sure it’s NVIDIA).

If you hack the registry keys or use the right policies to put the Std-VDA in raw H.264 mode (no lossless text) that would eliminate the codec.