Windows 10 Support for HDX 3D Pro

Hi there, i would like to know the current state of windows 10 support with hdx3dpro

since a few days there are now information available on the citrix download pages about ah tech preview state with 2 "known nvidia issues"

1741070 - Session does not update on resize. Frame buffer size does not match desktop size. This issue is mostly reproducible with custom screen resolutions when the session is resized (by dragging the window corner).
1741079 - Session may crash when window is resized due to buffer overrun. Session then reverts to standard VDA mode. Workaround: Log off and reconnect can restore the HDX 3D Pro session.

is there an public available database where i can see this kb-numbers? inside the release notes i don’t see this issues listed…

I asked Citrix to reply to this thread… they said they would…

They also mentioned that not supported - just a tech preview… no indication of whether/when they intend to support… I guess if/when they reply you can ask them.

those are internal NVIDIA bug numbers not KB-articles…

1741070 was closed within a week of Citrix opening it as not a NVIDIA issue - has been back at Citrix

1741079 was resolved by NVIDIA in driver releases 354.78

Regardless of when these were closed in NVIDIA - it’s up to Citrix to take any fixes and QA/support HDX 3D Pro with Win10… As I said I hope they respond as they did say they would on Wed 6th April 2016, so hopefully it will be soon.

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Hi Steve and Rachel,

All I can really say publicly at the moment (since we don’t post our roadmap on discussion forums and we haven’t announced the GA date for this capability yet) is this: Be sure not to miss our Synergy conference [/] in Las Vegas next month!

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Aye, that’s indeed a good event to keep a weather eye on.