GPU compute capability 2.1 is not supported (requires >=3.0)

I installed the latest driver and CUDA 10.1 on Nvidia GT 620 under Windows 10. But, there was error message generated when I run Python codes, as shown below. Can anyone tell what was wrong? Thanks.

numba.cuda.cudadrv.error.NvvmSupportError: GPU compute capability 2.1 is not supported (requires >=3.0)

Your GT 620 is using a GPU architecture that is too old to be supported by a lot of things, including CUDA 10.1, tensorflow, etc. If you want to use that GPU you should switch to CUDA 8.0 (still won’t work with tensorflow, cudnn, etc.) but you can probably use it with numba (although I haven’t tried it.)

I tried to install CUDA 8, and found the following error message. I have the latest version of graphic driver, 391.35, installed.

The Nvidia graphic driver is not compatible with this version of windows.

If you have the latest graphics driver installed, 391.35, then deselect the option to install the driver that is bundled with CUDA 8. Keep your existing driver. It will work with CUDA 8.