Ubuntu 18.04 - Cuda 9.1 - GeForce GT 630m


i couldnt get CUDA working in my notebook, its detected in nvidia-smi. But shows message “not supported”.

Is my GPU really not compatible with CUDA?

GeForce GT 630M (driver v.390)
Cuda 9.1
Ubuntu 18.04

Your GPU is compatible with CUDA. The “not supported” message in nvidia-smi means that a particular aspect of nvidia-smi reporting functions are not supported on your GPU, it does not mean that generally your GPU is not supported.

However, GT 630M appears to be a Fermi variant GPU,


which means that CUDA 9.1 is not supported. The last CUDA version supporting that GPU was CUDA 8.

You also won’t have any luck using that GPU with tensorflow. It is too old.

ah thanks, its a solution anyway