Update cuda driver problem

hello i have a laptop with nvdia geforce gt 720m and i have matlab r2020a installed on my pc i want to use my gpu in order to get fast computing speed .when I run the command gpuDevice, I get the following error,"Error using gpuDevice (line 26)
CUDA driver version 9 is not supported. Update CUDA driver to version 10.1 or greater. For more information on GPU support,
i install cuda toolkit 11 and cuda toolkit 10.2 but seem like the driver didn’t get updated
did my hardware cabale to run cuda ? how i can update the driver ?

Regretably, this card is Compute 2.1 and the last version of Cuda that supported it, was Cuda 8 and hence why the driver was not updated.

Your only option if you want to use this machine, is to find an older version of Matlab that supports Cuda 8.

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