GPU falling off the bus: Ubuntu 18.04

I have issue of GPU falling off the bus
OS: Ubuntu 18.04
Dell Inspiron 7580
Nvidia Geforce MX250
Driver: 435.15

The driver works properly for some time. After some time the graphic interface freezes. I cannot do anything after that. So, I did forced reboot and I entered tty during login. There too the drivers were working properly for a while, but after some time it stooped. When I did ‘nvidia-smi’, the message was: GPU falling off the bus. I read many forums and have tried the following (but all the methods fails) :
- Updating BIOS
- Modifying the grub with nomedset and other options(that controlled acpi and power). I tried many combinations of it.
- Tried persistence mode in nvidia.
None of the methods worked.
I am attaching the nvidia bug report.

Please help
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (1.02 MB)

Looks like an issue with that notebook model:

HI madhunkmnk;

I have the same notebook model/configuration with the exactly same problem (also tried many approaches with no success). Do you managed to solve this issue?