Gpu fan constantly runs at idle

I just installed Ubuntu 18.10 on my new xps 9570, with GeForce GTX 1050 Ti.The driver version is 418.

Even though the system is idle, the fan is running all the time. I can see from powerMizer that it often reaches performance level 3, with temperature around 50C.

I googled a lot and modified /etc/modprobe.d to limit the max performance level, restart, every thing works a bit better, now GPU is always below performance level 2. However, even with a lower temperature of 40C, the fan STILL runs constantly, it turns on and off every 4 seconds. It’s so noisy that almost drives me crazy…

I end up switching back to Intel graphic card, so it is quiet again. However, I would still like to use nvidia card, since that’s the only reason I bought a new laptop. I’d appreciate a lot if you can help me.

The xps 9570 is a dual-fan system, both fans are controlled by the bios/system, the nvidia driver does not have any control over them. See this how to set up an own fan control/curve:

thanks! I will try !