GPU cooler running on high speed all the time

I have GTX1080 which in Windows OS is almost unhearable if I don’t play some heavy game, but under Linux it is very audible since the cooler seems to spin at high speed all the time, regardless of load.

Kernel is 4.10.5-1 (Arch x64), nvidia driver is 378.13-4.

Tell me if you need some other info.

Is it reference card from NVIDIA or third party design?

Unfurtunatedly fan control on linux sucks on nvidia cards, there is no fan curves or anything, at best you can use nvidia-settings GUI thingy to set a constant fan speed.

Alternatively, you can query fan attributes present:

# nvidia-settings -q all | grep -i fan

And modify them:

# nvidia-settings -a 'GPUTargetFanSpeed=50'

On third party PCB designs (evga, asus, …), fan control is often entirely on PCB via some embedded controller along with RGB and other nonsense that sell cards nowadays.

If you can’t set fan speed manually via nvidia-settings then my guess is that this is the case, but you don’t give enough information (use nvidia bug reporting tool like suggested in top forum thread).

Yeah, you seem to be correct aboout 3rd party pcbs.

Nvidia-settings shows 0 rpm and no fan att all. It shows gpu temp is 45 - 50 degree with no significant load.

I have Palit’s geforce. Was only avaialable card to get back when geforce got out. Checked their support and I see no forum or contact info other than some mailing list which I suppose is one-way channel to get out info about new new products.

Edit: Usch, I am so negative, I found some support email address and sent an request for help with issue, I am offering programming help if they need to port their controller to linux :)

Hmm, I have finally got an answer from Palit, they seem to blame this on Nvidia’s driver and also advised me to clean dust from pci-e contact :-).