Gpu fan not working

hello, I am using Geforce RTX 3050 Mobile, my fan does not work even under heavy load in linux environment, what could be the problem?


I was about to create a thread regarding the same thing, however, the cause of our issues may be different.

I’ve been having issues with different problems with my graphics card, so I recently got a new clean install of Ubuntu 20.04. However, with this my graphics cards won’t spin at all, no matter what Nvidia drivers I use. Even after I’ve installed GWE (GreenWithEnvy - A overclocking program for Ubuntu), no matter what speed I set the fan to, it still says the fan is at 0 RPM which is worrying. I don’t want to risk playing games when it is like this.

I’m not sure this will help you or not, and I’m not good myself at understanding it, but I set this command here to 12 and it then allows you to control the fan speed:

sudo nvidia-xconfig --cool-bits=12

It can be set to various other numbers, but by default, I think it may be turned off, but your fans should still be automatic. If you set it to 12 for example (there are other numbers that others can explain what they allow) you can control it manually. On my heavily used version of Ubuntu, I can control the GPU fans fine, or have them automatic, but on the clean install, I’m in a similar situation to you and even this program and coolbits being enabled doesn’t allow the fans to turn at all. nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (294.1 KB)

it didn’t solve my problem. When I buy a computer again, I will definitely not choose Nvidia as a graphics card and I will not buy an ASUS laptop. This is a disgrace for big companies. I am no longer positive about this in the environment about nvidia.

Hi @HerrWinfried, Have you tried reaching out to Geforce support for this issue?

no I didn’t try it says “WE’RE SORRY, CHAT IS CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE” when I try it, I think it’s because of the time difference from the country I live in

EDIT: hello, I asked my question on live chat, but they told me to ask in the forum, in short, I think they don’t know and they directed me to the forum.

I would also try posting in the GeForce forums. That community is dedicated to consumer cards and gaming.

Sorry, I was redirected here. I had a bad experience. I think I should sell my laptop as soon as possible. It’s best to buy a laptop without an nvidia video card and I’m sure now that it’s not working properly for nvidia linux and not providing services. I don’t know if the problem is in company policy.

When I created a thread in this forum you link, I was told it was a windows only forum and they said I should post here. would that not be the same for HerrWinfried?

I’m having a similar experience regarding fans, but on a clean install. My current setup has the fans working fine.