Fan Control does not work


I have the strange problem that the GPU fan does not really obey the manually set target fan speed. If I set it to 60 % in nvidia-settings then it initially works but when I start some game and the temperature goes slightly above 80 degrees then the GPU fan goes to full power and when it drops below 80 then it drastically drops the speed. So it feels like there are just two fan modes: Full power on >80 and nearly off when <80. This is extremely annoying. I do not have this problem on Windows.

When temperature is slightly above 80 and fan goes to full power then according to nvidia-settings -q GPUCurrentFanSpeed the fan speed is even higher than 100 (highest value was 126 so far) while the description of this option says that the valid range is 0 to 100. How can this be?

Any idea why my GPU ignores the configured target speed when going above 80? Is this the intended behavior of the NVidia driver or the GPU? I could understand if there is some emergency turbo fan mode when it reaches 90 or more but I thought 80 is a pretty normal temperature while playing a game.

I tried several fan control programs like GreenWithEnvy, nvfancontrol and nfancurve but they all have the same problem: They configure GPUTargetFanSpeed correctly but the GPU ignores it as soon as the temperature gets over 80.

System info:

  • Debian 11
  • NVidia RTX 2080 Super
  • Nvidia Driver 525.78.01
  • CoolBits set to 4

GPU fans don’t work here as well. If I set the fan speed to 10% or 20%, it still doesn’t work.

System info:

Galax RTX 2080
Nvidia Driver 525.78.01

I also tried PoP OS Linux and the fans don’t work.

Previous older nvidia drivers the fans works well.