My GPU fan is not working at all on my Zotac GeForce GTX 760 AMP! Edition with driver 352.41.

My Graphics Adapter works normal at temperatures between 47 to 52 degree Celsius without the two fans. But if I start a OpenGL session the temperature rises up to 100 degree Celsius but my fans won’t start there duty. After a while screen becomes black and then the GPU fans are running at full speed.

I did not mess up with any settings and I would be really happy if someone could tell me what to do to make my GPU fans work normally, again.

Fan Information tells me that the Control Type is set to Variable and that the Cooling Targets are GPU, Memory and Power Supply. I guess it must be set to Toggle or Restricted but I do not know how to do that

I am using Fedora Linux 22 (64 Bit Edition) and installed the suitable 352.30 and later 352.41 drivers with no luck to solve this problem

The help menu tells me that Enable GPU Fan Settings

The Enable GPU Fan Settings checkbox enables access to control GPU Fan Speed. This option is available after enabling coolbits for GPU Fan control.Note that controlling your GPU Fan Speed is not recommended and is done at your own risk. You should never have to enable this.

I did not really find out where this settings checkbox is and also how to enable the ‘coolbits’ for GPU Fan control.

Hello again,

I tried to set the GPU Fan Settings manually by enabling the coolbits with the nvidia-xconfig program.
The Fan information does always show 0 RPM and 0 Speed. A fan speed apply of 100 or a Reset Hardware default does not make any difference, it seems that this part of the nvidia-settings progam is still not responding.
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (207 KB)

I have noticed that the acpid.service isn’t enabled by default in the Fedora 22 Workstation Installation. I noticed this in the nvidia-bug-report. I enabled this service and uninstalled and installed the 352.41 driver again with this service started. The nvidia-bug-report looks different now but Thermal Settings in the NVIDIA X Server Settings still show that Speed (RPM) is 0 Speed % is 0 and Control Type stuck on Variable. Cooling Targets are GPU, Memory, and Power Supply.

I’ll add the new nvidia-bug-report

Any suggestions what else I can do to make my GPU fans working while using OpenGL?
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (217 KB)

Thank you for nothing, this was the last Graphics Adapter from nVidia I have bought. Next Time I purchase a Intel CPU with integrated GPU or an ARM 64 System.