GPU frequency decrease not working

I have already posted significant time ago that CUDA driver does not drop the frequency to the idle level when CUDA application is closed, tmurray has confirmed it as a bug …

This issue is quite annoying, especially when there are more than one GT200-based cards in the case. All of them rapidly become really hot and loud when working (that’s OK), but after the task is finished it would be great to have them cool and quiet again.

Is there a chance that this problem will be fixed in a reasonable time ?

Thanks in advance.

Under what situation are you seeing this with GT200 cards? I have a GTX 280 and GTX 285 in a 64-bit Linux system running driver version 190.09, and the fan spins up and down as you would expect with load changes.

I do recall having this problem with 8800 GTX cards at one point, but haven’t noticed it in the GT200 cards.

I monitor not just fan speeds but frequencies that are currently active (using Gpu-Z utility). When I run, say, Crisis and exit the program freqs rapidly go down, but when I run CUDA application and exit it - freqs remain the same. There’s no load on the card so the fan stops spinning at it’s full speed but the card remains hot and the fan noise remains noticeable (I have two GTX280).

Using 185.85 drivers on XP 64 bit.