GeForce makes noise while GPU is cool

Linux Slackware64
GeForce 9600 GT

Card is relatively quiet when X is started. But when not in X it makes horrible noise. How to make it shut up. I suppose it MUST be simple. The drive nvidia.ko is loaded. So what’s the problem with this card? Can the guys from NVidia write simple console tool to calm down the fan or make driver just a little more smart.

I imagine you mean the fan? It is either the fan being clogged with dust (in which case take a screwdriver, take off the heatsink, and remove dust) or if you don’t have a custom fan handler, the default fan profiles suck. I wrote my own solution as a python script.

If you want to use this (or any other coolbits switch based solution) you need to open etc/X11/xorg.conf and under the GPU “device” add the line:

Option "Coolbits" "4"

Here is the script, it is pretty simple, should work with python2 or 3, and you can change the speed curve by tweaking “fanspeeds” to be whatever you want. A 9600 should run fine up to 60 - 70c without any instability, so you could put the fan really low up to that threshold and then crank up the fan speed. A warning, Nvidia cards have a hardware shutoff somewhere over 85c (depending on generation).