NVIDIA G71GL [Quadro FX 1500] (rev a1) - Linux (Zorin) LOUD Fan Noise

NVIDIA G71GL [Quadro FX 1500] (rev a1) - Linux (Zorin) LOUD Fan Noise

Hi all.

I am running the NVIDIA card in the title on Zorin (Linux Distro - an Ubuntu flavour).
NVIDIA G71GL [Quadro FX 1500] (rev a1)

The fan runs at full speed and is very loud (unnecessarily , in cool / cold weather, and with low memory / graphics usage - I am not a gamer or video editor or anything like that).

I have tried both the NVIDIA proprietary driver which is downloaded through Zorin, as well as the open-source X.org Xserver driver (which is worse, and runs the fan even louder).

Can somebody please advise me how I can take some control of this fan speed , as the card does not seem to sense the actual temperature and graphics usage?

Is there an NVIDIA control panel or settings for Linux / Zorin ?
(I can see things on the internet, but cannot find what suits my setup)
A way I can control fan speeds and usage ?

I have also have a secondary, less important problem –
My computer display will not come on after the computer is suspended / go to sleep.
Would this be an NVIDIA issue?

Thank you.

I am new to both Linux and setting up my own cards and hardware and stuff.
I do have some programming experience in assy. , C# and Java, so I am not entirely computer illiterate.
… However, please assume some level of ignorance on my part.

Run nvidia-settings and check the “Thermal Settings” tab - it’s where you can configure your fan speed manually (if your GPU BIOS allows that).

Also can you reproduce this issue under Windows? If not, then post your nvidia bug report (run it under sudo) and then hope that someone from NVIDIA will notice it and take action.